We're Visco Holdings, one of Niagara's most innovative and hands on property management companies. We develop interesting and exciting places that house retail and commercial businesses. Our properties are eclectic and designed to complement their surrounding environment, blending architectural integrity with practical details and applications sure to please exacting tenants and their customers.

We're part of the community and believe in building Niagara - not just with structures but also with a commitment to community involvement and a dedication to making life better for those around us.

Building partnerships

We create. We work together. We help build your dreams. Because when your dreams flourish, so do ours. That's why we personally select and work hand-in-hand with all our tenants to ensure the best possible long-term business relationship.

Every member of our professional staff is committed to your best interests. We're known for our timely communication, quick response to tenant needs, and the ability to make decisions so problems are avoided. We're sensitive to the mix of tenants in each of our buildings, striving to ensure that each service or retailer complements each other and complements the building they occupy.

We believe that building partnerships is the best way to build success.

When we build it...

Will you come? The Lock & Main Marketplace is a fresh, fun, year-round retail development in the heart of historic Port Dalhousie. It's a place for all seasons, a destination retail experience, an elegant and funky gallery of specialty vendors who all believe in the personal touch and know that customers demand something extraordinary.

Together, we can be extraordinary.